Faith Deconstruction & Reconstruction

Helping Christians navigate the challenges of church culture

Specializing in faith & church culture

Kayla Hemphill Counseling is especially well-equipped to help clients through the most challenging seasons of their faith. Though a biblically trained pastor is often a good resource for talking through these struggles, we know all too well that spirtual leaders can also be the source of your pain.

We are particularly familiar with American evangelical Church culture and the current state of disunity and hostility amongst believers. If you have found yourself questioning your beliefs, your connections to the global Church, the direction or leadership at your local church, or just about anything else, we can help.

Although we aren’t necessarily experts in each of the following subjects, we know how to help you navigate difficult conversations and to maintain your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health while wrestling with these concepts. We offer resources and strategies to help you navigate a faith crisis, with a goal for you to emerge on the other side with a stronger faith than ever.


Below are some of our favorite books for learning about these challenging topics, bringing the conversations to light, and growing our Christian walk.